[Savoynet] WikiLeaks and Wikipedia are *not* related: mostly OT

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Not to mention the old song:

Back in Nagasaki
Where the fellows chew tobaccy
And the women wiki wacki woo!

A possible addition to The Mikado (see how cleverly I bring this back on 

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As you know, there are about 450 G&S-related articles on Wikipedia, that I and 
several other SavoyNetters have worked on.

Barbra asked me two questions that I thought I would answer here for anyone 
interested.  The rest of you, kindly allow your attentions to wander.

1. Does Wikipedia have any connection with WikiLeaks? 
2. What does "wiki" mean, that both use it in their names?

The answer to the first question is, essentially, "no".  The problem is that 
many news organizations have mistakenly confused the two.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia hosted by Wikimedia and founded in 2001.  It is 
written and edited by about 100,000 volunteers worldwide, although over 3 
million people have made one or more contributions.   WikiLeaks is an 
organization that publishes documents submitted by anonymous news sources, 
founded in 2006, run by The Sunshine Press.  WikiLeaks sees itself as a watchdog 
whose "primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes ... [and providing] 
assistance to people ... who wish to reveal unethical behaviour in their 
governments and corporations."  It has over 1,000 contributors.

When WikiLeaks first started, the domain names that it uses, like wikileaks.com, 
were registered by a company called Wikia that is owned by Wikipedia's founder, 
Jimmy Wales.  However, Wales has stated that he created the registrations 
defensively, to protect Wikimedia's intellectual property, because when he first 
heard of WikiLeaks he worried that it might be a hoax or a scam.  Once he knew 
that it was an independent organization that was not trying purposely to damage 
Wikipedia's name, he transferred the domain names to it.  WikiLeaks helped to 
create the confusion with some promotional statements that they made.

Secondly: 'Wiki' is a word that was invented around 1994 to mean a collaborative 
website that provides software that helps people work together to create website 
content.  Both Wikipedia and WikiLeaks use a software called MediaWiki, which is 
a free and open-source program that anyone can use.  It lets anyone format and 
design website content, and is a flexible and user-friendly software, which is 
why it is popular and is used for many, many collaborative websites.  

For more information, see this: 

I hope I make myself clear, Lady!

Sam Silvers
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