[Savoynet] G&S expert list - answers

Scott Farrell scottlfarrell at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 17:03:13 EST 2010

Not a lot of people tried this, maybe four or five all together. So here are the answers.

hypnotized - Jane Annie "She is hypnotized!"

transmogrify - The Mountebanks "Transmogrift here into friars austere"

indolent - The Nautch Girl "Beneath the sky of blue, the indolent Hindu" 

landlord - Haddon Hall "Down with landlord, down with land"

cellar-flap - Rose of Persia "as he danced his cellar-flap"

asylum - turns out this appears in multiple places so it doesn't count
empurple - The Beauty Stone "...whose giant shadow, rising from the deep, empurples the blue sea"

edelweiss - The Mountaineers "...where the edelweiss blooms in the snow."

chequeless - His Majesty "Then I shall marry an artist who chequeless is"

apparition - another one that appears in multiple places

tourney - this one too

That was fun. Maybe the list was too hard...

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