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As a bow tie wearer and keen Savoyard myself, I say yes.  I believe Richard D'Oyly Carte was a also a bow tie afficianado. When the Topsy Turvy flim came out I wrote to one of the better bow tie retailers here in the States, a company called Beau Ties, Ltd, to tell them that the bow ties worn my Carte in the film were really good looking and they should add some of the colors and patterns to their stock. I never heard from them.
As an aside, the actor Brendan Gleeson played Churchill in a recent film. In one scene he is sitting brooding while the grammophone plays what sounds like When a Wooer goes a Wooing.
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Hello all,

During some recent difficult times, I happened to pick up and read a book on Winston Churchill.  He became something of an inspiration to me, and I have done a lot more reading since.

In one book, I found a brief mention of G&S that went something (if not exactly) along the lines of "Churchill enjoyed the best things in life: whiskey, cigars, bowties, the music of Gilbert & Sullivan," etc.  However, nowhere else have I found any reference to him being a G&S enthusiast (though I did find a reference (and again, just one) stating that FDR was a "keen G&S enthusiast).

Does anybody know if Churchill was indeed an admirer of G&S, or of any other reliable sources which confirm this?

PS I happen to have a penchant for bowties myself -- is the G&S gene linked to the bowtie gene among males?  ; )

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