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Winston Churchill was in the audience for the first DOC performance of the 1951 Festival of Britain season, a production of The Mikado in which Martyn Green - as he recounts in his autobiography - made the most of the 'apologetic statesmen of a compromising kind' verse.
Churchill also (this from Tony Joseph's book on the DOC) went to see the company during their season at the Princes Theatre in 1958-59 - along with Viscount Montgomery.
Anne Cook 

>Does anybody know if Churchill was indeed an admirer of G&S, or of any other reliable sources which confirm this?

Of course his father and mother were in the first night audience of RUDDIGORE – it is recorded that as they left the auditorium the gallery were hurling abuse at him for some unpopular political measure – and it is also recorded that there were other shouts of “no politics!”.  So I guess the Churchill family were G & S fans and must have passed that on to Winston.
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